Ideomotor Finger Questioning Procedure

The Ideomotor Finger Questioning Procedure is a useful way to allow your Hypnosis clients to respond to any YES or NO questions unconsciously without the client feeling like they need to come out of trance to respond.
This procedure is delivered in stages:

  1. Installs the suggestions, by allowing the client to unconsciously choose which index finger will signal YES,
  2. And which index finger will signal NO.
  3. This procedure is then tested quickly to further embed the installation an ensure that the client is calibrated.
  4. Deepening Suggestions are given
  5. Now the Hypnotherapist can start asking Close-ended questions for the client to respond to.

Ideomotor Finger Questioning Procedure Script

Now I will ask you some questions about how _____.
You don’t know the answers to these questions in a conscious way, but your unconscious mind knows the answers.
The knowledge needed to answer these questions is there inside you. You won’t answer by speaking, instead your unconscious mind will show us the answers by allowing specific fingers to move.
I want you to ask your unconscious mind now to choose which index finger will become the YES finger. It could be the left index finger or the right index finger – just allow your unconscious mind to choose, and to signal this by allowing that index finger to move and lift now.
Good. That’s right. Now just allow that finger to relax, until it’s needed to signal YES.
And now I want you to allow your unconscious mind to use the opposite hand’s index finger to become the NO finger and to signal this by allowing that finger to move now.
Good. That’s right. Now just allow that finger to relax, until it’s needed to signal NO.
Ok, now let’s quickly test your unconscious mind’s ability to signal through your body.
Is your name (insert client’s name)? (look for YES finger movement)
Have you even walked on the Mars? (look for NO finger movement)

In a moment, I will count from 3 to 0 and with each number I count, you will go deeper and deeper into a deep relaxation and with each number you hear, just allow your fingers to become lighter and lighter, as if they wish to rise all by themselves.

Hints & Tips

  • Keep the first few questions as simple as possible then build up to more complex questions.
  • Make the frame of the questions as specific as possible to allow client to provide a specific response. Ambiguous questions may lead to no response at all.
  • If you don’t get any response you can ask “Is no response at all, indicating that the unconscious mind does not know?” – This will generate a YES or NO response. If YES, stop this line of questioning. If NO, continue with questions.

About the Author:
Shane is the co-founder, CEO and Head trainer for Australian Success Academy, having trained and worked with over 6000 people around Australia in learning the incredible power of the human mind, ranging from Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Public Speaking.