There are so many options available to us when looking at purchasing Hypnosis Scripts.
There are many free options, some for $1 and others sell for up to $15 per script.
As with most things, price is not always an indication of quality, and in some cases it is!

Here is a list of 5 Important Things to Look for When Choosing a Hypnosis Script

  1. Does the Hypnosis Script include Preframes?

  2. A preframe is something you tell someone about that sets their expectation before something occurs. In the context of a Hypnotherapy session, preframes are very important to the successful outcome of the client, as the preframes help to create empowering beliefs that form the foundation for change within the client. Many preframes challenge limiting beliefs and clear up misconceptions and as most experienced therpists know, much like building a new house, if you don’t set the foundation correctly, the house will not stay standing for long. If you don’t cover off the necessary preframes with a client, before you start the session, the change may not be life-long.

  3. Does the Hypnosis Script consist of more than one or two pages?
  4. Many clients feel they have big problems, and therefore part of their convincer strategy for many of these people is the length of time the hypnotherapy session goes for. If you use a single page script or even a multiple page script (with big font size), then your session is going to be over very quickly and your client’s convincer strategy may not get fired off. Another factor in the length of a script to look out for is whether the script effectively handles the full range of challenges associated with a particular problem.

  5. Does the Hypnosis Script include the use of Metaphors as well as direct commands?
  6. A Metaphor is a symbolic representation of something else, and the effective use of a metaphor helps to dissociate the client from their own problem consciously, whilst placing literal meaning and association to the metaphor at the unconscious level. Many scripts do not even use a metaphor within their structure. The use of Metaphors, popularised by Milton Erickson (1954/1980) uses the law of Concentrated Attention (repetition of Suggestions) as a way of delivering a synonymous suggestion indirectly, seeded within the metaphor. This adds to the experience for the client, taking them on a wonderful, vivid journey, assisting them a deeper change at the unconscious level.

  7. If the script uses Metaphors, does it use multiple Metaphors and are these layered throughout the script?
  8. Look for Hypnosis Scripts that use Layered Metaphors and that go one step further, by nesting a subsequent metaphors within the previous metaphor. This approach to Layered Metaphors or Nested Metaphors takes the client deeper into trance, whilst still taking them on a wonderful and change-creating journey.

  9. Does the script use Hypnotic Language such as Embedded Commands and if so, are these highlighted in the script?
  10. The most essential element to remember in ensuring that your Hypnotic communication is received as it is intended is using the appropriate TONALITY. High Quality Hypnosis Scripts will include and highlight the use of Embedded Commands, therefore giving the Practitioner an easy indication as to when to modify their tonality to deliver these embedded commands with maximum impact.

In Summary…
If you want to get somewhere that is a distance away, you need a car. Not all Cars are the same. Some are cheap and nasty, some are overly expensive, others are well-priced and provide value in terms of economy, comfort and style. Not all Hypnosis Scripts are the same. Use the above check list to ensure that you are getting value for money and effectiveness.