Do arguments with your partner occasionally get too intense?

Why Repair Anchors Will Change Your Life
We have all had arguments in our relationship, and the key to getting to the other side of the argument without feeling resentment, without feeling repressed, is to find ways to repair the connection between you as fast as you can. And we can all agree that, no matter who it is, when in a negative state we are unresourceful and generally can pick out others faults with more ease, can’t we?

Let me introduce Repair Anchors. A tool that can help you both get back into a resourceful state and communicate effectively to each other…with respect! Repair Anchors are key words or phrases that you have agreed with your partner to use in specific situations. For Repair Anchors to work most effectively, both partners must contribute and agree on what the Repair Anchor is, what it means and it must be playful.

Repair Anchor: Poke tongue out

Repair Anchor Meaning: I love you and having fun with you and being in love means more to me then being right.

For example; a couple could be arguing about the washing and both find themselves in a negative state such as frustrated. In the state of frustration the argument can devolve into all kinds of nit-picky conversations where all of a sudden you can both find an abundance of negative things to point out. So, instead of continuing with the argument, one of the partners playfully pokes their tongue out, the other partner joins in and they both have a giggle about how silly it is. From that more resourceful state they could then communicate more effectively something like “I would love if you could help…”.

You’ll be surprised with how effective this Repair Anchor is a diffusing the intensity of the situation, allowing you to connect and feel the love even faster. So show your commitment to your relationship now and go create some Repair Anchors!

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About the Author:
Jess Fozard is the co-founder, Operations Manager and trainer for Australian Success Academy, having trained and worked with over 6000 people around Australia in learning the incredible power of the human mind, hypnosis, relationship mastery and public speaking.