Everything you have in life is because it’s what you are prepared to settle for.

I remember being told by someone much older and wiser than myself, that “One of the most important things to recognise in life, is the incredible value in being a life-time learner”. This piece of wisdom stuck with me and even till this day I constantly seek out new information, new resources, new strategies and new methods. The other day, I sat through a live event whereby the speaker was talking about Mindset and how someone’s mindset is like a thermostat. We all have a thermostat for Finances. Depending on our financial mindset, some people experience discomfort when their finances dip below a certain point. What that point is exactly depends upon your financial mindset. To a Billionaire, when they are on their last million, they feel as though they are ‘broke’, whereas to someone else who’s financial thermostat is set much much lower, having $1000 in the bank makes them feel rich! Your current level of finances in your life is in proportion to your financial thermostat.

The effect of one’s mindset is why most people suffer from the ‘Curse of Winning the Lottery’. Most people who suddenly come into a lot of money, unconsciously have two choices:

  1. Either their mindset develops and grows to meet their new life conditions (having a lot of money),
  2. or their money is spent until their life conditions again meet their financial mindset.

In most corporate environments, promotions are given to people who display the mindset required for the position, BEFORE they are offered the position. This is also true with finances, with health and with relationships.

  • Do you have a mindset to earn $70,000 each year or $700,000 each year?
  • Do you have a mindset for being fat or for being thin?
  • Do you have a mindset for being single or for being in a relationship?

Combine a great opportunity with a great mindset and success is inevitable.

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