From Trapped By Fear to Love & Limitless – Eli Williams’ Story


I first meet Jess and Shane at their relationship success course in 2014. Something my wife-at-the-time had stumbled across an online voucher for, after we had spent several months with a psychologist in relationship counselling with no noticeable changes. At this point, life was still, what I considered to be, pretty good.

eli on stage

My Pretty Good was…pretty bad

What I rated as pretty good was me experiencing adrenal fatigue that had had me out of work for 6 months, 12 months by the time we went to Australian Success Mastery (ASM) in 2015. My wife was experiencing unmanaged ADHD, and both of us were struggling to just be happy together. My biggest struggle was the anger I felt when my wife was constantly distracted, disconnected and unmotivated to connect in ways I wanted to feel connected.

Struggling, lost, powerless & exhausted…

These struggles resulted in a lot of anger for me as I felt totally powerless and exhausted from trying so hard to make her happy only to discover her making choices that were sabotaging everything I thought we were both working toward. I felt lost and trapped and I wanted to know how to get through it.

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From Fear to Love

So we arrived at ASM. I had no idea what to expect other than that I anticipated receiving my certification in life coaching and that I would be able to fulfill one of my dreams of working for myself. I had no idea what NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) was and had no experience of hypnosis. So I went with a totally open mind ready to just absorb the experience and really tackle things that I knew were holding me back.

As I tackled one massive thing after the other I realised how much my whole perspective shifted. I had always walked in fear; fear of myself, fear of others, fear of the world. around pushing people away. The biggest thing I overcame was not a lack of connection with my wife but understanding the lack of connection I had with myself. Once totally centred in my own skin for the first time in my life I wasn’t afraid anymore. I was able to take a whole new level of responsibility for how I choose to see others and the world around me. That step up in responsibility had allowed me to feel more love and connection for and from others than I had previously believed was even possible!

My expectation for myself, love and life increased exponentially

Eli Williams - Before After

Since ASM I’ve created…

This led me to find an immense amount of courage and determination to make myself happy and contribute generously to those around me. I was able to recognise my ex-wife and I wanted very different things and so were incompatible AND have the strength to end the relationship.

I massively improved my physical health dropping over 20kg throughout the following year and continuing improvements to this day. Already a non-smoker I now also don’t drink alcohol. I enjoy foods that allow me to consistently regulate my energy levels and nourish my body to maintain a highly level of physical activity in my ‘hobby’ as an RPM (cycle class) instructor at a number of Perth gyms

I have since begun my own coaching practice ENIGMA Mindset Solutions, allowing me to shift from the illness paradigm my psychology degree had guided me to and move into the health and wellness field where I now enjoy working with highly motivated people achieving amazing outcomes for themselves!

Life now? Life now is exciting & limitless!

Getting to know Jess and Shane and experiencing all of their courses has been a massive game changer in my life. I am totally aware my potential is as high or as low as I decide. Not has my potential been unleashed but I also have two new friends, two new family members, two new mentors that I know have not just the corners of my safety net but that in a moment can support me to catapult straight back up to a whole new height! And when you know Jess and Shane you also know the ASM family and it is one incredible family!!! So amazing to go on such a rollercoaster of massive experiences with other awesome people who share the same dream of living an authentic, happy, healthy and abundant life. What is life like since meeting Shane and Jess? Fulfilling. Exciting. Limitless!

Eli Williams hugging Shane & Jess

Big Tips To Share

My TOP TIP for Success: EXERCISE!!!
No, this does not mean being ‘physically active’ and so walking to the shops to get your ice-cream instead of driving. It means you push your body in and out of its growth zone for at least 30 mins 5-6 times a week!
I will tell you right now if you can’t adapt to the discomfort of exercising in your growth zone, you are likely to struggle with baring the discomfort of living in your growth zone long enough to get the result you want.
Why? For endless reasons! But I will pick just a few…

  1. Develop self Discipline and establish routines that create success
  2. Provides bio-feedback on your lifestyle choices, and gives you perspective.
  3. Control Your State – even when you feel like giving up because you are experiencing discomfort, keep going.

It‘s only HARD WORK until you fall in love with your actions, past that point we rename it PASSION!

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About Eli:
Eli Williams, 33, is the founder of ENIGMA Mindset Solutions, based in Perth, WA and accessible world wide. Eli enhances his coaching, mentoring and training practices with his qualification in psychology & 8 years experience in counseling + addiction treatment services. Eli is passionate about facilitating his clients in living a conscious, empowered and authentic life through both one on one and group work.

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