What are the top tips to master your success in any area of life?

Top Tips to Master Your Success

Great things can come from Failure but even greater things come from being Successful. The difference between Success and Failure is simply…Mindset & Strategy. Only when you believe in yourself will you be able to perform at your best, and when you combine this powerful mindset with the latest in cutting-edge strategies, you have a powerful mix. Here is a quick list of tips to improve your mindset and find the right strategy.


believe you can change the world
The only thing that holds you back in life are your limiting beliefs. The decisions you have made about yourself, your identity and your capabilities. If you belief that you cannot change something, then you’ll most likely never try to change it. The first step to creating any change in your life, from improving your health, to reconnecting in your relationship, to building a larger and more successful business, is to believe that you can do it. You may not know exactly how, but as long as you believe you can, you’ve taken the first crucial step


which will you chooseEveryone experiences conflict, disagreements, differences of opinions, and these conflicts can cause much heart-ache and stress. These conflicts range from deeply rooted conflicts reinforced by values, such as how an unexpected pregnancy should be handled, all the way to personal preferences such as whether it’s better to live in the country or city. One of the biggest hurdles for most people is not only the conflict they experience with others, but more importantly the conflict they feel within themselves. Part of you wants to exercise and get fit, whilst a part of you wants to just sit on the couch and watch TV. Part of you wants to say you are sorry and apologise for your behaviour, whilst a part of you feels completely justified in your stance, feeling hard done by. Many people can spend years of their life, taking two steps forward and two steps back due to these internal conflicts. Go looking for these conflicts, find them and resolve them, realising that they both serve the same higher intention.


Some people are scared by the term ‘Hypnosis’, but the simple fact is that the language you use to talk to yourself with, as well as the language you use to speak to others, impacts you. You are self-hypnotising yourself with your language. Do you put on a brave front, whilst internally you talk yourself out of taking action? Do you describe yourself in less than positive terms? Are you overly harsh and critical towards yourself, failing to recognise the outstanding work you do on a regular basis? Transformational Vocabulary refers to the power that words have on our mental and physical health. You can transform with language alone. What story do you keep telling yourself and others? You are the director of your movie, and the language you commonly use will affect the ‘genre’ of that movie. Will it be a Romantic Comedy or will it be a melancholic experience? Consciously change your language and you’ll transform your life and outlook!


If you own a high-performance car, but you fill it with dirty fuel, then it’s not going to run very well, and it is most likely is going to break-down. The emotions you feel on a regular basis is your fuel in life. If you are stressed, unmotivated, overwhelmed and even depressed then you are going to find it challenging to perform at your peak. Many people are anchored to their undesirable conditions in life beause of the negative emotions they feel due to past experience. You need to learn to let go of negative emotions. You need to give your past experience new more empowering meaning. Instead of remembering that last failure as a disappointment, instead consider what you learned from it, and how this better prepares you for next time.


Sometimes our emotions are triggered by a certain sound, or a certain sight or even a certain smell. This is what is known as an Anchor or conditioning. The most common reason why relationships fail is because the couple were unknowingly swamped in Negative Anchors; things that the other person would say or do, that would aggitate them, eventually leading to a complete disconnect. For many people Sunday night is a negative anchor, realising that in just a few hours, they need to return to that boring job they hate, and so they feel a sense of dread and hopelessness. It’s important to find negative anchors and learn to collapse these, to ensure that you have full control over your emotions. However the flip-side to the coin with respect to Anchors is that you can create powerful Positive Anchors; certain triggers that instantly make you feel super-confidence, or deeply creative or whatever resourceful state you want immediate access to. Consider what instantly makes you feel good, and what instantly makes you feel less than good, and this is the start of understanding what you anchors are.


With the right mindset and strategy anything is possible. Set yourself some specific goals, break these down into smaller steps, focus on progress, and develop the beliefs you need to accomplish this. What beliefs does someone have that has already accomplished this goal? Now find any conflicts within you that you feel are holding you back. The Truth will set you free, so go looking for these. It’s better to find the weeds and pull them out when they are small, rather than wait until they take over your entire garden!

How are you going to speak to yourself and others about your progress and your goals? Are you recognising your accomplishments along the way? What emotions are you mainly experiencing and how can you take control over this if it is not working for you? Surround yourself with things that trigger you to feel great and inspired, whilst avoiding any environmental factors that bring you back to the unmotivated state. Finally keep yourself accountable and find others who can assist you in doing this.

The BCLEAR System

B – Beliefs
C – Conflicts
L – Language
E – Emotions
A – Anchors
R – Results

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