Guilt & Feeling Unworthy Loften Off My Shoulders



I felt in a rut and weighed down with worry, worry about the future and what people thought.

I Was Scared Of Success & Happiness

I was still feeling the effects of an abusive childhood and dealing with these same people in toxic and dysfunctional relationships into adulthood. I was feeling guilt for having cut my family off a year before ASM (Australian Success Mastery), even though I knew my life was getting better and happier. In particular, because of these relationships, I was scared of success and happiness, because I was always told I didn’t deserve it and these people would always try and ruin the good things in my life.


This struggle made me feel unworthy, I was not pursuing my dreams and goals out of fear it would get ruined.



I Finally Overcame The Guilt

I found the weight of so much guilt, feeling unworthy and fear of judgement totally lift off my shoulders when I attended ASM. The ASM experience is amazing. The quality of content and presentation was about the best of any course I have been to (I have completed 4 university courses and many professional courses).


The energy and atmosphere of the course is so inspirational and accepting, you see people open up and be vulnerable without any fear of judgement or ridicule.

The structure of learning the theory, followed with practice is perfect for integrating the tools to change your life while at the course and for your everyday life afterwards. 


I finally overcame the guilt from cutting myself off from my family and having the fear of failure / success.

Dealt With It In A Constructive Way

Since ASM I have had a couple of hurdles that in the past would have sent me reeling with anger, stress and sadness. But because of what I learnt at ASM it didn’t really bother me and I dealt with it in a constructive way.


Since meeting Shane and Jess my life has improved with how I process experiences, gained motivation to pursue my goals and of course I now have many wonderful new friends.



My Big Tip To Share

Always look for the positive. Just because something doesn’t turn out how you wanted or thought it would doesn’t mean it was the wrong thing for you at the time.