My Wife Is Now My Life – Chris’ Story


A 28-year-old man who, after a long string of failed relationships, was scared of committing to one person for the rest of his life, is now teaching men how to love and support their wives even more.

Having created his WIFE-LIFE program, Chris Cole, is combining his passion for cooking, with his passion for his wife, to help men tap into their masculinity by supporting their wives unconditionally.

Telling his story for the first time, Mr Cole said previously it wasn’t uncommon for his relationships to last only a few weeks. He said the longest relationship he was in was not pleasant and was damaging for both of them.


“I felt like I’d never be able to settle down…”

“…and have the family I have always wanted. Even though I was engaged shortly before going to the Relationship Success. I felt like I wasn’t even fully invested emotionally with my-then fiancé.” he said from his regional Victoria home.

“I got so much out of the course. My then fiancé and I went to it as our 1 year anniversary gift to each other. I learnt so much there and I still use things I learnt there everyday now. I was shocked at how easy it is to love your partner when you understand a few key elements.”

“The biggest things I learned was that being with one person isn’t frightening, it’s awesome!”


Mr Cole, who supports his wife’s Parenting Mindset business, Avalon Touch, said he is now able to step up into his masculine energy in a healthy way and both him and his wife love it!

“In the two years since attending Relationship Success, we have been married, planning a family, developing a business together and best of all, we have a healthy, loving relationship.” he said.

“Love doesn’t need to be hard, when you have the right tools and strategies. It starts with being willing to learn”

“We aren’t taught these things in school, or even from our parents, and if divorce rates are anything to go by, most people struggle with relationships” Mr Cole said.

“Men need to be and can be the Superman to their Lois Lane.”

“If you value your relationship in anyway, get along to Relationship Success with Shane & Jess and things will get much, much easier from then on.”

Big Tips To Share

  1. One tip I’d love to share is to find a powerful & resourceful identity that you can connect with, that is stronger & more resourceful than you. For me, I chose Superman. In those tough times, take on that identity, take on the ‘never-give-up’ attitude and you’ll soon start to be as resourceful as that identity, although I don’t wear my underwear on the outside of my pants…all that often!

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About Chris:
Chris Cole, 28, is the founder of WIFE-LIFE based in regional victoria, who teaches men how to support, love and light-up their partners through cooking. Chris is a experience cook, who with his wife, Morgana Boerner, help parents live a more fulfilled life.

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