Leaving Behind My Shadow – Morgana’s Story


I use to struggle with mental illness, hating men and having no confidence as a person or mum. To top it all off I was a shadow of a person with low self-worth.

This made me feel worthless and like life wasn’t worth living. It stopped me from pursuing my life, from dreaming, from loving. It made life harder than it had to be. There was no real point to life, it was like I was in a fog.

Fortunately, while doing my psychology degree I stumbled upon ASA and hypnosis which lead me to attending Australian Success Mastery 1 & 2 (ASM)


Stepping out of Depression & PTSD

ASM was fanf**kingtastic hahaha honestly it was beautiful and scary all in one. It was nurturing yet pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to heal. When the ASM family rallies around you to help support you through a large break through it’s one of the best feelings.


There I overcame my dependence on the labels of mental illness and stopped them from ruling my life. I was able to step out of depression, to step out of borderline personality disorder and PTSD and see the positives around me.

I overcame my hatred of men, so much so that I met my husband 2 weeks after coming back from ASM 1! Haha (We even invited Shane and Jess to our wedding!) We are currently working on conceiving our jelly bean (baby) which is something I swore I’d never do again. I overcame being the victim. I was REALLY good at that.

Since ASM my biggest successes are my marriage!!! My new found confidence to be me. Starting my own business. Finding myself, finding joy and love. Stepping into my personal power. Realising my worth. Being able to speak to a full room of people on stage! And love it!! Oh and I love hugs now!! I hated hugs before


Big Tips To Share

  1. One tip I’d love to share is believe in yourself and invest in yourself. Whether that is time and/or money invest in yourself. Do whatever it takes to make it happen. If it’s scary then that is exactly what you should do!
  2. Massage doesn’t have to hurt to be good for your body.
    It’s all about the dance. The flow of energy. That’s what makes a good massage. Not so much perfect strokes or the right music. It’s all about the energy. When you flow and dance around the body and let your hands do the healing it’s an amazing massage.
    Also it’s really good to start off gentle and gradually work the muscles. This allows you to get deeper without the pain.

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About the Author:
Morgana Boerner is the founder for Avalon Touch, helping parents overcome post-natal depression and increase the connection with children through Infant Massage.