The first years of our relationship for both Shane and I were easy breezy! Then the ‘honeymoon’ period ended and our relationship was in serious trouble. We could hardly talk to each other without it escalating into an argument, which meant AT LEAST one argument per day.

This could have been the end. We were very much disconnected from one another although we both still knew we loved each other.

Finally we decided something had to be done! So we committed to each other and did some serious work on ourselves and our relationship. We figured the Relationship Experts had amazing relationships so there must be something they’re doing that we’re not. We attended numerous courses, read books, conducted interviews. We were adamant that there must be tools we could use to make our relationship awesome again.

Doing this and learning new skills, tools and information about ourselves and each other as well as how to maintain an awesome relationship took our relationship not just out of the red zone but to a whole new level. Now I can honestly say our relationship is better than ever! I now have a relationship with my husband that I thought only existed in fairytales and movies. AND we both know how to overcome speed bumps together much easier.

We couldn’t believe we hadn’t learnt these relationships principles and tools before! Things like how to diffuse an argument, love languages or masculine and feminine energies which each on their own make a huge difference!

We wanted to share this with others as we believe everyone deserves to have a relationship they love.

So we’ve distilled the learnings and tools gathered from the world’s experts in relationships down as much as possible into 2.5 days.

We’ve helped couples go from filing divorce papers to happily married and singles go from hating the opposite sex to finding the love of their life and also getting married! (Yep we’re invited :P) We’ve also help couples who had a great relationship just take it to the next level and help singles move through their ‘baggage’. (Their words not mine).

If you would like to gain training and develop a higher level of skill in maintaining & servicing your relationship, using a combination of both science and art, to ensure you have a deeply passionate & intimate relationship for the full duration of life, you can discover Shane & Jess Fozard’s Six Step Honeymoon Feeling Forever System at their upcoming Relationship Success weekend course. Click here for ticket information.

The tools and information from the experts on relationships is gold and too good to not share! *This is NOT marriage counselling!*

About the Author:
Jess Fozard is the co-founder, Operations Manager and trainer for Australian Success Academy, having trained and worked with over 6000 people around Australia in learning the incredible power of the human mind, hypnosis, relationship mastery and public speaking.