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Discover The Exact System I’ve Used To Help Clients Quit Smoking, Lose Weight, Get Rid of Pain, Overcome Depression & Increase Confidence

…And How to Use It On Yourself To Stop Bad Habits and Tap Into Your Real Potential.
Become Your Own Therapist!


Help People Improve Their Life

Uncover a form of influential communication to help people improve their lives through the power of hypnotic language in under 60 minutes.

Learn A Skill You Can Earn Money From

After attending this course you can legally offer Hypnotherapy as a service to the public and get paid anywhere from $150-$300/hr

Learn Advanced Learning

Discover the 6S Learning System to help you learn faster and retain more, find how why you'll never want to learn any other way again!

Here's What You Get...


The 6S Learning System

Discover the 6 advanced learning principles that can be used to help you learn faster and retain more.


The Practitioner Mindset Formula™

Learn the 6 core success principles that guarantee the successful application of hypnosis that can also be used to increase success in other areas of life.


Practitioner of Hypnotherapy Certification

Obtain a recognised certification as a Practitioner of Hypnotherapy with this accelerated live training program.


Gain A Deeper Understanding Of Language

Uncover the hypnotic power of language & tonality, increasing your influence and persuasion in everyday life.


8-Step Hypnotherapy Methodology

Apply these proven 8 steps to taking anyone into a deep hypnotic state, giving them powerful suggestions and a memorable experience.


Rapid Self Hypnosis

Understand how to use Rapid Hypnotic Inductions on yourself to create long-term changes, and use them as often as you like.



All this worth $297 but you can


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When & Where Is The Training?


MELBOURNE - 16th-18th November 2018

LOCATION: Ibis Hotel, 15-21 Therry St, Melbourne CBD


PERTH - 30 November-2 December 2018

LOCATION: Four Points By Sheraton Hotel, 707 Wellington Rd, Perth CBD.


What Time Does It Start & End?


FRIDAY 5pm-6pm


FRIDAY 6pm-10pm


SATURDAY 9:30am-7pm


SUNDAY 9:30am-7pm

*Please note: In order to qualify for Certification, you need to attend the full duration of the course, and demonstrate competency in applying the skills.

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Who Is This Program For & How Will I Benefit From It?

We cater for all types of people at the Australian Hypnosis Certification.

We've had health practitioners, nurses, dentists, doctors, psychologists, counsellors and therapist come to learn another skill to help their clients more.

We've had teenagers, students, parents, single parents, pensioners, executives, sales people, speakers, authors, entrepreneurs, business owners and solicitors learn how to gain greater control over their own emotions and behaviours.

We've had smokers, drinkers, overweight people, underweight people, people with long-term pain, people that are shy, that have depression, that have PTSD, people who have cancer, people who want to stop bad habits and people who have confidence and self-esteem issues.

Basically we cater for anyone that has a mind, that can understand basic language, and who wants to explore the possibility of what can be achieve when they tap into the power of their own mind.

Why Is It So Heavily Discounted?

People often ask us why we would share such valuable information for such a heavily discounted amount. Here's why:

For a start, we hate to see people struggle. It breaks our hearts watching so many people being held back by their own mindset, especially when there are solutions to their problems that can vastly empower them and allow them to improve their lives (they just need someone to show them how).

Shane and Jess, the founders of ASA are so passionate about making these tools available to everyone because these are the very tools that helped them and it has changed both their lives significantly!

Whilst it is not sustainable for them to run their main courses with the same discount, they worked hard to make the introductory courses ridiculously affordable.

Secondly, we’re on the lookout for a few more driven & motivated people who we can work with to help them tap into their true potential and give them unprecedented levels of wealth, freedom, vitality and connection within themselves and with others.

And we thought that by making some of our most powerful tools available upfront was a great way of starting this relationship and showing you the value that we deliver each time you invest your precious time & money with us.

If you become a longer-term client, great. And if not, that's cool too.

But it allows us to select the right people for our main courses.

How Do I Become Certified?

In order to be certified by Australian Success Academy as a Practitioner of Hypnotherapy you must complete the following:

1) Attend the full duration of the course.

2) Complete the in-course written examination

3) Take part in all the practical exercises, demonstrating competency in applying the skills.

4) Complete the Certification Registration Form that is provided to all attendees on the Sunday night.

Meeting the aforementioned items, gives you an opportunity to be certified as a Practitioner of Hypnotherapy by our academy, which is recognised by a number of Insurance Providers as well as the International Hypnotherapy Association (IHA)

There are NO extra costs to become certified by our academy.
There is a cost associated with joining the IHA, however this is not compulsory.

What Does This Qualification Give Me?

The certificate you receive is in line with international standards for being qualified as a Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, which is considered the basic level of competency in using Hypnosis.

Our certification meets the standards as set out by the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the International Hypnosis Association & the International Practitioners And Coaches Association. We do not align ourselves with any of these bodies, yet we ensure our training meets the expected standards.

Please note: This course does not provide you with a Nationally Recognised Government Accredited Certification, which is what a Cert IV is.

In order to qualify for a nationally accredited certification you need to complete over 200 hours of study, which is not possible in just one weekend, and they can cost up to $7500.

Once you obtain a certification from our course, you can legally use Hypnosis with clients within Australia, if that is what you choose, and you are NOT required to obtain any other certifications before being able to be a practitioner.

The Australian Hypnosis Certification is the basic level of competency offered within the Hypnotherapy industry.

By completing the course you can legally work professionally with clients, if you choose, as well as obtaining insurance, if you choose.

The Australian Hypnosis Certification is also designed for people who want to learn Hypnosis and use the powerful transformational on themselves.

We encourage anyone, who intends on working as a professional hypnotherapist to seek more training in order to increase their competency and skill set even after attending this 2.5 day Hypnosis training course.

What If I Don't Like The Australian Hypnosis Certification Course?

We offer a Money Back Gurantee to anyone that purchases a ticket to the Australian Hypnosis Certification.

We guarantee that if by the full completion of the course, you do not think that you received value for money, then you let us know within 24 hours of completing the course, and we will give you a full refund.

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