Hypnosis & Skin Disorders

When it comes to non-viral or bacterial dermatological conditions, there’s something you may not know. Your skin condition can tell a lot about what your feelings are and how you see yourself. The connection lies within the embryonic stage which is where the skin develops. Your nervous system and epidermis both come from the ectoderm. When the embryo develops, the nervous system and epidermis are connected. If a signal is put out by your nervous system to be vulnerable, there is a trigger also sent to the epidermis.

Treating the skin condition itself may not be as effective without the assistance of hypnosis. Hypnosis is a drug free alternative and works well alongside skin treatments, assisting their productivity. Hypnosis can assist in the treatment of dermatological condition in three distinct ways. Treatment from the very core of the person, symptom remission and conditioned response. Before hypnosis can occur, the professional much first target which of the three components are affecting the patient the most.


The patient will often have extreme stress that creates vulnerability in the nervous system, affecting the epidermis. The worse the stress gets, the more the body responds which makes the skin condition worse. This of course can cause even more stress within the person and the cycle continues over and over. A therapist can offer hypnosis to break the cycle and alleviate stress. There is also self-hypnosis strategies where a patient can gain control during a highly stressful moment.

As the skin issues come from a direct relation to how we feel about ourselves sometimes, hypnosis is capable of treating this. When a hypnosis session taps into our unconscious, telling you to relax and that you are full of confidence, you believe it without effort. Your mind sends these positive messages to your nervous system. The nervous system then sends it to your epidermis and eventually your skin is the reflection of the new beliefs you have. Used in conjunction with other treatments, hypnosis helps you to visualisation happy moments.


For example, while you are receiving ultra violet light treatment you can visualise (through hypnosis) that you are on a beach. You can feel the natural healing of the sun healing your skin. Remember that the mind doesn’t know the difference between a real experience or one that you created. It’s even been proven that your skin pigmentation can change much like a skin glow after a bit of sun tanning. When a patient is happy, the treatment has a better chance of being effective.

A case study showed that a 25 year old female patient who had suffered from eczema on her hands for 9 years found the best treatment was self-hypnosis. She was taught, by a therapist, how to use daily practices in order to take control of her stress levels. The stress was the major cause of her eczema. After she had finished the study, she continued with the same treatment as it proved to alleviate much of her symptoms.