Hypnosis and Infertility

Infertility ranges from a variety of factors that can include physical to psychological. When you’re told you can’t conceive, you may feel your situation is hopeless. There are things to help you increase the chances of having a family however. There are couples that have tried to conceive for years, trying everything from intra-uterine insemination to gamete intrafallopian transfer and in-vitro fertilisation (IVF). The hope and failure cycle that may occur in extreme situations are stressful and heartbreaking. There is a lack of control and disappointment that comes after each blow of not conceiving despite your efforts.


How Your Emotions Prevent Conception

Lewis, R. P who wrote ‘The Infertility Cure’ describes how your emotions are directly affecting your ability to conceive. Your levels of stress and negative feelings result in a decreased chance of getting pregnant. The effects of your emotions may be harmful to conceiving as studies show stress directly affects your hormonal system. The feelings you carry through the process may be the exact factor to your inability to conceive. If you experience stress, anxiety or depression for a long period of time, it may affect your Sympathetic Nervous System. It can become hyper stimulated and the nervous system will send less blood to the uterus and ovaries.

Hypnosis and a Change in Thoughts

Hypnosis has the ability to decrease the effects of infertility and also works to assist in increasing fertility. Through suggestion, your stress and anxiety levels can be lifted at an unconscious level. Alleviating depression, lifting your coping mechanisms within yourself and feeling generally better are aspects hypnosis can tap into. A professional can give you the necessary tools to self-hypnotise yourself in to a relaxed state. In this place, you are able to heal from the stress you’ve been suffering through infertility. Once you begin to relax, your body can heal which allows you to be at your optimum down to a cellular level. Through hypnosis, powerful messages can be sent to the unconscious mind. Anxiety and stress can be transformed to more positive emotions that help as oppose to hinder your ability to conceive.


Hypnosis and Treatment

Research has recently been focusing on how hypnosis is effective when used in conjunction with in-vitro fertilisation. Research has effectively shown hypnosis doubles the outcome of embryo transfer. It increases the implantation as well as clinical pregnancy rates. Throughout the process of medical treatment for infertility, hypnosis is seeing high demand. During the first stages, hypnosis plants the seeds for positivity within the woman. The power of hypnosis can cleanse the clutter within the mind which does great things for the body. Suggestions during hypnosis can allow the mind to better accept the drugs being used to increase fertilisation. Our mind is the control centre of our body. Hypnosis targets this idea and maximises the power of the unconscious to free you from the blockages that prevent pregnancy.