From Suicide To Super Woman



Before Australian Success Mastery I was an empty nester and I was struggling!.

It was very destructive to my sense of self worth

I had dedicated my entire adult life to raising my children, I chose to be a stay at home mother and there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do for my children. When my eldest left home and had a child of her own I so desperately wanted to stay a major part of her life that I got into the habit of dropping everything whenever she wanted me. This became a very ingrained behaviour. It was very destructive to my sense of self worth. When my eldest child left home I attempted suicide. I was standing the the garage in our back yard and tipped fuel everywhere and set it alight. The petrol burned and nothing else did as there was nothing flammable in there. I felt like such an idiot! When all of my children had left home once again I was suicidal. I made a decision to not be, so I went hunting for answers and a direction for my life.


I was standing the the garage in our back yard and tipped fuel everywhere and set it alight…I was suicidal.

I Finally Overcame The Guilt

I had started on my personal development journey and I felt I had come incredibly far, I was outgoing and confident and I had started my own network marketing business. I loved that I was able to help women develop confidence and empower them doing this. My marriage was generally good but we had the same arguments over and over, and I was becoming disillusioned and was considering which path to take. I had allowed my adult children to guilt me into babysitting or loaning money or sorting out their problems at the expense of my own life and marriage.

I had a problem with money and I was donating to charity more than we could afford, which left us in a very challenging situation. Even though I was confident and outgoing I didn’t maintain close friendships. I had some serious limiting beliefs, I believed that I got along better with men than with women because women are bitchy gossips and are untrustworthy! I had some body image issues and I had managed to get myself down from 132kg to 80kg using surgery and diet. I had plateaued there and I assumed that that was where I was going to stay because I had hit menopause.

celebrating with raylene


During ASM I learnt to forgive myself and accept myself, I learnt that I am worthy! I learnt how to bring out the best in myself and others around me. I also learnt that fear is an illusion and danger is real! OMG that changed everything! I also made some amazing connections that have blossomed into genuine friendships.

Since ASM my life has become much more balanced, I am overcoming the previous difficulties I had and changing the way I relate to people. I am no longer ashamed of my past, I now accept the lessons and use them as needed. Since ASM I lost weight effortlessly, I lost 15kg in 16 weeks!

 ASM changed me! I was out of my comfort zone, I felt like my head needed to expand to keep up with the amount of knowledge that I gained. I was amazed at how many things I intuitively did and didn’t know the reasons and methods of how to do it consciously.

I have also learnt to forgive myself and others for various choices in my life.

My biggest successes would definitely include the increased love and contentment in my marriage! I also now put myself as a priority, I can say no without feeling so guilty! The people I have helped since this has been so fulfilling.


My life has become so much happier and fuller! I feel younger and more energetic, I cant even imagine feeling flat and down for longer than a few moments.



Raylene Eating Fire

My Big Tip To Share

Put yourself on the top of your priority list! Without YOU, your LIFE doesn’t exist.

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Raylene Robinson, a mother of 4 and grandmother of 12, is the founder of Galvanized Into Health, based in Perth, Western Australia. Raylene’s passion is caoching empty-nesters find their passion & direction in life while improving their physical, mental and financial health.

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