From Failed Solutions to Finding ‘Ruby Slippers’ – JoJo’s Story


Before meeting Shane & Jess, I was looking for answers that I couldn’t find anywhere. I’d gone through all the conventional methods and spent a lot of money on: Psychiatrists, psychologists, anti-depressants. I was a responsible member of society, but not a happy one. I was existing. Colours were dull. There was a lack of joy in my life.

I couldn’t find any answers

My biggest struggle was feeling that I didn’t belong. That I couldn’t find any answers. I suffered from major depression (I’d gotten myself off the anti-depressants -but was scared I’d have to go back on them at any moment). I’d always been so desperate to belong I’d found that the majority of my intimate relationships weren’t healthy and I usually put up with things and stayed way too long past their use-by-date and was with people who were not worthy of my attention.

Isolated on a Downward Spiral

I was desperate. I was sad. Suffered from major depression. Felt there was no way out of the downward spiral. I didn’t sing anymore. I felt isolated. I felt like I was the only one who’d not been invited to a meeting or received the memo on how to “adult”, on how to live in this world, happily. I knew there had to be answers, but I’d exhausted every conservative avenue and I can’t tell you how many self-help books I’d bought during my life time! I just wasn’t “getting it”.


The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done For Myself

Then came ASM. It was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. It was life changing. The total immersion was brilliant. Leaving my usual environment behind and working with these tools until we’d learned the lessons and experienced the way these were taught – I can only applaud Shane and Jess for their tenacious, all encompassing, teaching style. The lesson/tool would be explained, demonstrated, we’d experience it as the practitioner and as the client and then recall/recap how the experience was. The tools of learning were explained and demonstrated. We were given the best care. The day was not done until we’d all covered and learned what was in that day’s training. Time flew. Value for money? Above and beyond!! Every day, time flew – and we were doing anything from 12 – 16 hour days – without any exhaustion. There are these light bulb moments that you finally understand innately not just cognitively what change has taken place.
I’ve also met some amazing people who will always be in my life.


It’s like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz

ASM enabled me to overcome the idea that I had to look outside myself for answers. It’s like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz – she didn’t need to go to the great powerful Oz to get home to Kansas – she just had to look to herself – “You had it all the time”. I was the ‘Ruby Slippers’. I calmed down. I am no longer desperate. I have more self awareness and awareness of others. I always thought I had empathy – but this gave me a deeper understanding of people. Also watching Shane and Jess respect everyone’s model of the world was a great and humbling example of how to be in this world. ASM has given me a confidence that I now have the tools to take care of any challenges that come my way.

A small shift that is Seismic

My biggest achievement since ASM is being calm. Knowing I’m enough. Knowing I do know the answers (“well what if you did?” – do the course and you’ll get this!) Having ways to catch myself being in an unresourceful state – and rectify the situation. I’ve not had major depression since. Finally gaining control over chocolate! I know it seems like a rather small thing – but as small as the shift was – it was seismic. No longer having chocolate on my radar – not being a problem at all for me, when it used to rule my waking hours… donating kilos to the universe, effortlessly… being able to say “no thank you” and mean it. It changed my belief system and changed my trajectory. Just that incremental shift…
A HUGE change was after completing the Timeline Transformations Therapy. The learnings I found from that one hour exercise – changed my outlook on my whole life! I finally understood some cliches that I’d used and known all my life: “don’t take it personally”, “it wasn’t my fault”, “you can’t be where you’re not meant to be” These have new meaning for me and I understand them so much more deeply now.
And the 8 hour breakthrough session!!!! No only being the practitioner and seeing the change I helped facilitate in others, but the change in myself when I was the client. Life changing. Life affirming. It was necessary for me to go positively forward in my life.

I now sing again!

There has been a huge paradigm shift in my life since meeting Shane and Jess. . Life is wonderful. I’m happier. I know that I have the answers if I just ask myself. Colours are brighter. Things are sharper. I now sing again.
The reason I decided to participate in ASM I and II was because I’d completed a hypnosis weekend course and was impressed with Shane and Jess’s respect of everyone’ and their model of the world. They have a patience and kindness and genuine sincere joy for changing people’s lives.They care. They know what they’re talking about. They talk the talk and they walk the walk.They are constantly learning and evolving.
I volunteer to crew every time they are in Sydney as I feel there is a debt I have to repay for their role in helping me change my life. I also enjoy seeing people’s lives change when they attend these courses. These two don’t rest on their laurels, they are forever improving and learning and changing their courses with whatever new and successful tools are available. You know that you are learning cutting edge material. And you know you’re doing it in a safe environment.

Big Tip To Share

Do it. You owe it to yourself to have the tools to live the best life you can. Play full out. Follow the steps. It’s easy and you can only succeed. This stuff should be taught in schools, and it isn’t. I wasted time and money on things that I thought would help me, that convention says should work – none of these things worked. These costly methods (psychologists, psychiatrists, self help books, medication, etc.) reinforced negative thinking and, if I’d known these courses existed years ago, I would have done them then. Shane and Jess are always learning – when they learn something new – they incorporate it in their teaching – so you’re always getting cutting edge material. You are in a safe environment and everyone’s model of the world is respected. You owe it to yourself to live the best life you can and this is the best way, the easiest way, the quickest way. Do not waste your life. Do ASM. Do it now.



About Jojo:
Jo-Anne “Jojo” Duncan, is an Executive Assistant working in Broadcasting, based in Sydney, NSW. Jojo is one of the most loyal, kind, witty and considerate people around, who passionately defends those who can’t defend themselves. As a dedicated animal lover she is owner for many pets, and who has an amazing singing voice with a talent for theatrics and fun.

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