Death Threats & Depression to Free & Authentic – Katerina Richards’ Story


Before meeting Shane and Jess my life was far from ideal really I was going through the motions. People thought I was happy but they really had no idea the inner turmoil I was going through.

My biggest struggles were…

dealing with 3 types of depression including PTSD due to an armed holdup several years ago while owning my own business. The panic attacks and anxiety had me a prisoner in my home, I would have to muster the courage to check the letter box never mind go to work. I also suffered from debilitating migraines that would leave me paralyzed down my right side, amongst other side effects, if I didn’t take me medication on time. If a migraine hit I could not even recognise my family or even speak and when the migraine did wear off I was in a fog for several days.

Death Threats, Failed Business, Depressed & Torture…

I had many struggles. As a result of the armed holdup I also endured 18 months of death threats and attempts on my life. My business suffered as a result and I had to walk away, the failure of the business also added to my lack of self-worth.

It was a few years later that I was diagnosed with a multitude of depressions but due to the anti depressants I was shut down emotionally and would put on a good act but felt like a fraud. Laughing because you knew you had to in some situations is simply ridiculous but that’s what I did.katerina-doing-exercise-at-asm1

I struggled at work and was too scared to tell anyone what I was going through as I didn’t want to be labeled or even lose my job. People knew I was emotional but didn’t know the real reason. I was a temp for 2 years in my effort to hide from what was really going on, the less people knew me the safer I felt.

The counselling with a Psychologist was for me torture, having to go through these sessions weekly and fortnightly would leave me emotionally drained for days, by the time I picked myself up it was time for another session. I thought many times during these years about an easy end to the pain but my young son was what kept me going.



katerina-fire-eating-australian-success-masteryI Bared My Soul

Then I went to ASM and my experience was surreal, it was like someone turned on the lights and showed me the path to a brighter future. I went with a clear intention to take responsibility for my life, on the first day of ASM1 I put up my hand and bared my soul and it was the scariest but by far the best thing I could have done for myself. I honestly couldn’t believe how easy it was to move though the course and resolve issues in myself and others. The content was amazing, I had no idea there were so many tools to help people in my situation. Shane and Jess as well as the other participants have become family to me.


Now I’ve have overcome…

kat-board-breakingthe PTSD and other depressions as well as the migraines which I had for 25 years and do not require medication for any of these.

Since ASM my biggest successes are:

    • being free to chose what I want for my life,
    • gaining my dream job in HR ,
    • doing workshops on customer service and
    • “owning” my experience in hold up and talking about armed holdup prevention and how to deal with a holdup.

Most of all what I enjoy is being able to help people using the skills I have learnt at ASM. I am also working on launching a series of workshops using my HR and ASM skills to help people follow their calling and getting the career they are seeking.

kat-at-asm-2 From ‘Fraud’ to Authentic

Since meeting Shane and Jess life is so much better than I ever thought it would be. I am authentic now and able to be myself without acting, have an inner strength I never knew I had but most of all I have the most amazing and supportive friends in Shane and Jess that I will treasure forever.

The One Tip I Want You to Know

Don’t be scared, go out and reach for your dreams. The only thing stopping you are your fears and your limiting beliefs and as I now know there is NLP tool to get you to the other side.


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kat-profile-picAbout Katerina:
Katerina Richards, 46, is the founder of Threesixty Coaching, based in Adelaide SA. Katerina has experience in many fields including Life Coaching, NLP, Timeline Transformations and Hypnotherapy. Katerina has a vast amount of experience in business management with qualifications that include Human Resource Management. She is also a HR Advisor for a high profile SA organisation and is passionate about helping people find their true calling in life and ensuring they live a truly fulfilling life.

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