Ambassadors Resources


Below are images for each city of the Relationship Sucess tour that you can use in your ambassador posts if you choose to.

Melbourne May 2017

Adelaide June 2017

Perth August 2017


Below are free gifts you can give to anyone you like.
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7 Minute Recharge Audio Program

‘Copy & paste’ post descriptions you can use:


  • This program saves me hours in lost productivity. You have to check it out!


  • I find this 7 minute track is awesome to pull up on those off days when I’ve run out of steam mid afternoon.


  • I felt like I just had a 2 hour nap after using this! You’ve got to try it!

Get Shit Done Audio Program

‘Copy & paste’ post descriptions you can use:


  • I felt super motivated and became more productive after using this. Love it!


  • I find this 15 minute track is great to use when I’m feeling a little distracted or unmotivated. 15 minutes later, I’m ticking off tasks!


  • This program helps me get focused, feel calm but still motivated. I’ve found I’m more consistent with my performance now!

Exam Anxiety Audio Program

‘Copy & paste’ post descriptions you can use:


  • Even a Airline Pilot with exam anxiety used this program with great results! Share with anyone you know who doesn’t like exams!


  • Last year a Year 12 teacher, shared this program with her students. She said “OH MY GOD! I must admit I was a bit of a sceptic but my exam results were through the roof! The kids came to the exam so confident and BOY! did they deliver.” Share with with anyone you know that doesn’t like exams!


  • I wish I had access to this program when I was going through school. Please pass this on to anyone that doesn’t like exams or tests! It seriously helps!