About Us

Our Story

Australian Success Academy was founded by a husband and wife team, Shane and Jess Fozard.

Shane and Jess are strongly guided by their personal and professional values of authenticity, passion, growth and contribution.

Having met during their own individual personal development journeys, they are now totally committed to showing people a way forward out of physical, psychological and emotional pain and into a life of fulfilment. They have a flexible approach to accommodate and support all participants in their programs, they just want to see people happy, healthy and successful in their lives.

Having now held more than 120 live events across 5 cities in Australia, and empowering over 7000 people, Jess and Shane are Australian leaders in personal development.

Shane and Jess came from different walks of life, even from different states in Australia yet their common thread, to begin with, was the desire to improve their own lives. They met at a personal development course, (how fitting, right?) however, their relationship did not blossom until months later when they were both reaping the results from their personal development.

They had such powerful and profound shifts in their own lives that they felt it would be remiss of them not to share empowering tools and strategies with others! Even if it had only helped one other person live a life they are happy with and love, it would have been worth it. But, thankfully, it has become so much more.