6 Steps To Create A Custom Hypnotic Induction For Each Client

This is a simple way to create your own Custom Hypnotic Induction:

  1. Elicit Their Favourite Location
  2. Full Body Relaxation
  3. Use A Deepener
  4. Transition to Favourite Location
  5. Use Sensory Information to Create Deeper Trance
  6. Use Cloud for Transition to Other Part of Therapy

1 – Elicit Their Favourite Location

Before the hypnosis session starts, ask your client to describe some real or imaginary outdoor place where they might like to relax.

2 – Full Body Relaxation

Start with getting the client to close their eyes and talk them through relaxing their head, shoulders, chest, arms and legs.

3 – Use A Deepener

As they relax their body, do a countdown deepener and take them downstairs, suggesting that with each step they are relaxing more and more, going deeper.

4 – Transition to Favourite Location

At the bottom of the steps, suggest that they step into their favourite relaxing place, feeling calm & relaxed watching the clouds drift by.

5 – Use Sensory Information to Create Deeper Trance

Utilize other sensory information that their chosen location offers, giving meaning to it to develop deeper trance. E.g. “As as you watch the yellow and orange leaves float silently away on the river, you feel yourself relaxing even more now”

6 – Use Cloud for Transition to Other Part of Therapy

Tell them to focus on one cloud and watch as it descends down to envelope them in its fluffy, white weightlessness and gently carries them away to wherever they need to be to start the rest of your therapy.

Custom Hypnotic Induction Summary

By learning the 6 above steps to creating your own Custom Hypnotic Induction, you’ll be able to boost your confidence as a Hypnotherapist, as well as deliver a tailored therapy session to your client, in a way that is dynamic, professional and effective.

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About the Author:
Shane is the co-founder, CEO and Head trainer for Australian Success Academy, having trained and worked with over 8000 people around Australia in learning the incredible power of the human mind, ranging from Relationship Dynamics, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Public Speaking.