5 Psychology Hacks You Can Use In Your Marketing

The purpose of marketing is to educate your target market on the solution you have to their problem.

Here are 5 Psychology hacks you can use in your marketing to improve the impact of your copywriting.

1 – Use of Sensory-related Adjectives

Several studies have shown that sensory-related adjectives (e.g. “rough day”) fire off significant brain activity compared to non-sensory-related adjectives (e.g. “bad day”). Increased brain activity has been linked to increased recollection & memory.

2 – Post Script

Using a P.S. in your writing is the final moment of influence your writing can have on the reader. Post Scripts capture the attention of your readers. According to research 79% of people who receive direct marketing, read the P.S. first. P.S. can be used to reinforce your Call To Action to increase conversions.

3 – Primacy & Recency Effect

Studies have shown that the brain remembers the first chunk of information in the long-term memory and the last chunk of information in short-term memory. Information in the middle is not remembered very well.
This is referred to as the Primacy (First) and Recency (Last) effects. Place your most compelling information in the first and last parts of your writing to help your readers remember the most crucial parts.

4 – Use Bullet Points

The use of bullet points reduces the cognitive effort required by the reader. Bullet points signify a summarised, complete nugget of information, that is easy to read. In contrast, long form text like a whole paragraph forces the reader make sense of a drawn-out set of information.

5 – Use of Social Proof & Repeated Statements

To make it easier to make a decision, we look to others to help us assess & decide. The impact of Social Proof suggests that the action of others reflects an appropriate behaviour. Using testimonials & customer reviews demonstrates that there is Social Proof behind your message, and if the statements contained within the social proof elements is consistent, research has shown that repeated statements are perceived as being more trustworthy.

Here are the 5 Psychological Hacks You Can Use In Your Marketing:

  1. Use of Sensory-related Adjectives
  2. Post Script
  3. Primacy & Recency Effect
  4. Use Bullet Points
  5. Use of Social Proof & Repeated Statements

These 5 Psychological Hacks to Use In Your Marketing are designed to assist you with reducing the barrier between your message and your audience.

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About the Author:
Shane is the co-founder, CEO and Head trainer for Australian Success Academy, having trained and worked with over 6800 people around Australia in learning the incredible power of the human mind, ranging from Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Public Speaking.