So many people believe that once they come up with a great idea, the level of greatness in this idea will carry them to success. An idea alone is worth nothing. It’s the execution and implementation of this idea that is worth everything.

4 Ways to Promote Yourself to Success

1. Selling Yourself is More Important Than Selling Your Idea.

Having spent over 10 years in the corporate world, earlier on in my career I learned a valuable lesson. Despite my performance and my teams performance, I found myself being overlooked for promotions. I soon realised something that most people who work in the corporate world work out at some point; that the way people perceive you is more crucial to your career success than your talent.

How many people have you seen receiving promotions that are less qualified, and less talented than you?

The concept that Perception is more important than the idea is not just limited to the Corporate World.

2. Promotion Determines Success

Your idea is just the start. Your success in determined by your ability to promote your idea and yourself to other your customers, to investors and to business partners. Tip: Start with promoting someone else first. Learn the art of promotion using someone else’s idea/product/service first, to develop your promotion ‘muscle’ so that when you ‘flex that muscle’ in your own business, you’ll get immediate results.

3. Develop new skills you currently don’t have

Many studies have shown that interpersonal skills are far more important for success than technical skills. Successful people need to well-developed Communication skills, Leadership skills, Coaching skills, Networking skills and an ability to work in groups and teams.
Tip: Start with understanding how you communicate with yourself, how you lead yourself and your family, and how you coach people in your current role/position. You cannot help others, until you have helped yourself!

4. Your Private Life is Now Public

With the proliferation of Social Networks, remember that anything you do in your personal life can affect the perception that people have of you and therefore can also affect your success. You should focus on managing your online presence, in a way that supports your success, as opposed to stifles it. How you behave online, and the people and things you associate with, can negatively or positive impact your brand and how people perceive you. Tip: Take the time to sanitise your accounts on Social Networks, and ask yourself “What would my ideal customer think about this post/image?” If it doesn’t add value to your mission and purpose, remove/delete/hide it.

With the internet and social networks, things you do in your personal life can affect your success in a big way. Manage your whole image, rather than ignore it. Even the smallest things, like how you behave, your online presence — or lack of it — and whom you associate with can help build your brand or tear it down.

The Summary…

The ongoing challenge for many people is how to increase their visibility and profile, demonstrating value in their offering, without coming across as shameless self-promotion. Acknowledge your own personal successes and remember to celebrate both your business and team successes also.

Make a commitment to yourself to keep your progress moving forward, by focusing on completing one task, each day that will promote what you do, or develop a new skill. By making this commitment and creating a habit in doing this, you will feel like you are making more progress, adding to your confidence and sense of fulfillment, whilst also increasing your ability to promote what you do with more effectiveness.