3 Ways Hypnosis Can Boost Your Business – Part 1

Hypnosis is just one tools that is widely considered highly effective in strategically creating a mindset shift. The premise is that within each of us is our ‘Unconscious Mind’ or Sub-Conscious – the part of us that automatically behaves in ways that are both desirable and sometimes undesirable.

For example – Some people will perform a ‘bad habit’ even without realising it, as though they are on auto-pilot. This is an example of the unconscious mind at work.

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy can be used to modify, change and install behaviours using the power of your unconscious mind. It doesn’t require willpower. When used correctly, the desired change, using Hypnotherapy, becomes effortless. Here is a quick summary of 3 ways Hypnosis can boost your business.

Imagine if you could harness all the unconscious power of your mind, to make business and your productivity as easy and effortless as everyday habits?


1 – Reduce Stress = Increased Productivity

Stress is one of the biggest problems facing any professional, executive and employee. Stress can negatively impact an entire organisational culture as well as significantly decreasing productivity through absenteeism, overwhelm and lack of energy applied towards tasks.

Hypnotherapy has the ability to help anyone relieve this stress, finding more resourceful ways of dealing with workload and the psychological meaning given to specific situations. Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis is widely renowned for helping people reverse limiting beliefs such as “I can’t do this…” or “I should give up” so that the individual can re-align their focus and efforts in the most effective way.

Stress Management using Hypnosis works in 2 main ways:

  1. It allows you to enter a deeply relaxed state, giving your body and mind a ‘short holiday’ from the daily pressures and stresses and,
  2. It can be used to strategically implant new, more desirable thinking patterns, to create a more resourceful version of you during normal work hours.


2 – Hypnosis Can Boost Your Sales

Most people don’t consider themselves to have a use for Sales. What most people in business don’t realise is that almost 99% of business’ and it’s employees rely on Sales and Influence. When you go for a new job or promotion, you are ‘selling’ yourself. When you are making your opinion known, you are ‘selling’ your idea to others.

Whether you consciously know you are in Sales or not, everyone’s life can significantly improve by a) realising that ‘Sales’ is not a dirty topic or something to shy away from and b) it’s just a set of communication systems used to influence the outcome (which is what most of us do when we speak anyway!).

Hypnosis can be used effectively to overcome limiting beliefs and blockages that inhibit your ability to sell. It has long been used to deal with the mental associations created when dealing with rejection (a common occurrence in most sales positions).

Imagine using Hypnotherapy to eliminate the mental blockages and negative self-talk, so that you can perform at your best, having laser-like focus and knowing how to easily navigate even the most difficult sales situations.

Once you have tapped into the power of your unconscious mind, clearing out all the blockages, performing at your optimum level, you’ll soon find that your revenue & incentives increase, leading to faster promotions, and bigger bonuses.


Become More Creative Using Hypnosis

The quality of our psychological state has a direct impact on our ability to be creative both in energy and expression. The enemies of Creativity are perfectionism, being overly self-critical, anxiety & procrastination. All of these negative attitudes can be addressed effectively with Hypnotherapy.

Creativity is one of the key advantages that Organisations and Business’ look for. Apple became the powerhouse it is today, because they were creative in the types of questions they asked, and the solutions they sought to create. Entrepreneurs rely on their creativity to see a need in the market, and creatively design a solution or offering that will meet this need.

Hypnosis can not only be used to directly target these creativity inhibitors, but it’s added advantage is that whilst in a hypnotic state, a client will be free from anxiety and in a relaxed mental state. This desirable state allows the creative spark to become unleashed and expressed, releasing the creative power of the unconscious mind.